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What Friendship Means To Me

Source: Pixabay (Dimhou)

Friendship means not calling someone names or laughing at the way they walk, speak, eat, or anything.

It means liking someone just the way they are.

It means laughing at someone's jokes, but not expecting them to joke around all the time.

It means knowing that sometimes you laugh just so you won't cry.

Friendship means not pushing other people around and not letting them push you around.

It means wanting to be around people just because you like them.

It means accepting other people's differences.

But sometimes I feel the way they treat me is not what I expected.

I figure that's because I'm some kind of a misfit. I'm such a temperamental person, wanting to be angry, wanting to tell the truth but I can't. I feel sad about myself.

I just don't want to offend them and make them feel bad, even though I've actually done it before and I regret it in the end.

I just trying to be a kind person, but as always I can't please everyone and that's okay with me.

At least they're still my friends. I don't want to revenge for any of their bad things, even if they're probably just joking. Instead, I will pray the best for them.

From now on, I'll try to do the best thing I can and  I will get used to it.


Rinaldi Pratama Putra
Rinaldi Pratama Putra Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there.