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The riddle of Owl City Arg Level 1 Explained

Okay, so in the previous post, I explained about The Riddle of Owl City Arg Level 2.

Now let's explain from the beginning of Owl City Arg Level 1.

Take a look at Owl City Instagram post:

From this post, there are 2 video parts (slides 1 & 2), part 1 is like a chest box and displays a radar video containing X and Y clues.

For part 2, it's the same as part 1, only the box is zoomed in so the video looks clearer to see clues X and Y.

Variable X:

(A. OLD = _ _ _    _ _ _ Y)

In the part that is crossed out and missing words, we must find out what it means. If we interpret:

The word OLD that is crossed out means the antonym of OLD, so the result is YOUNG.

A. YOUNG = _ _ _ _ _ _ Y

Well, now we just need to correlate, A. YOUNG is clearly an abbreviation of ADAM YOUNG. So, the question what is ADAM YOUNG equals? Or more specifically, who is this ADAM YOUNG?

If we look at the pattern of the missing letters, ending with the letter Y, we can conclude that ADAM YOUNG = OWL CITY because there are 6 missing letters and it matches the word OWL CITY.

1.) A. OLD => A. YOUNG

_ _ _    _ _ _ Y => OWL CITY


Next, the variable Y:


What does it mean?

Alright so, this icon ⏎ is like the enter key on the keyboard. Then + S means that we combine the other names of the enter icon ⏎ with the letter S, then DOT COMMERCIAL means the .com website domain.

Up to this point, we can assume that Arg level 1 results will lead us to a website URL ending in the .com domain.

According to Wikipedia, the Enter Key has a function that is closely related to the Return Key depending on the operating system or application used.

So, we can conclude that this Return is an alias of the Enter Key. So that it becomes

2.) (⏎ + S) => RETURNS


Next, Owl City said in the Instagram post x+y, which means we join the results of the X and Y variables.

The result of variable X is OWL CITY. Why not A. YOUNG? Because we focus on the meaning of A. YOUNG so that it becomes/equal to OWL CITY.

The result of variable Y is

3.) x+y => OWL CITY +


In the final step, we just visit the URL If successful, we will get a website showing a password input with a random black and white video background.

To find out the password, we continue to step/level 2 Owl City Arg. Please read the article here:

The riddle of Owl City Arg Level 2 Explained

This article is also available in Bahasa Indonesia:

Penjelasan Teka-Teki Owl City Arg Level 1

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it helps you all, especially Owl City fans.

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