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Why are you all in such a hurry?

Why are you all in such a hurry?

What are you really chasing for?

Is there a treasure at the end of this relentless race, or just the hollow echo of fleeting fame?

Didn't you have the time to look up at the bluer sky?

Once, there was a sky painted with a canvas bright, broad, and blue.

Now, it merely reflects the hurried steps, each one moving further from the tranquility once known.

The world spins on, but in haste, have you forgotten the simple grace of a daydream?

Why don't you pause, just for a moment?

To breathe in the fragrance of blooming trees.

To feel the rhythm of your breath, the beat of your heart, the warmth of the sun on your face.

There's a different kind of magic in stillness, in the soft murmur of leaves. And it made me think and ponder.

I realized: that the real luxuries in life are to live in peaceful life, slow tender moments, the freedom to choose whatever I want to do, and always be grateful for the things that I have achieved.

Rinaldi Pratama Putra
Rinaldi Pratama Putra Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there.