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To See the World in Sterile Apathy

I'm moving gently forward, over the sterile yet promising landscape beside me.

I lie still, the silence broken only by the pounding rhythm of my breath and the sound of instruments around me.

Above me, a bright, shimmering light and sparkling colors illuminate my vision.

I'm about to enter the realm of transformation.

I'm drifting deeper, past the blurry shadows and indistinct shapes, toward a clear, focused world where vivid colors and crisp details await.

As I remain still, light refracts around me, bubbling like tiny jellyfish rising in the water.

This journey is almost complete.

I check my calm.

I don't have much time to absorb everything, but that is what makes this moment so special.

Rinaldi Pratama Putra
Rinaldi Pratama Putra Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there.