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The Riddle of Owl City Arg Level 3 Explained

After successfully entering and passing level 2 owl city arg, the website page will display several objects such as a coffee table, a letter that says "To Adam", coins, wave race 64 cartridges, and a tortex guitar pick.

If you haven't followed this Owl City Arg from the beginning/level 1, I suggest you read the article from level 1. The link is here.

Here's a screenshot of the web page, but before level 3 is unlocked:

After level 3 is officially opened by Owl City, the web page changed a little bit:

The changes include:

- Objects move slightly/change from their original position.

- There is an additional new object, sunglasses.

- A letter with the words "To Adam" can be clicked.

When we click on the letter, it will lead to the /haveaniceday link and the letter will open as shown below:

Next, we can click on the letter again but the click must be in the middle of the letter.

And after we click it, a pop-up will open an image with a new clue:

If we look closely, the letter contains random numbers and symbols with the title adam, and ends with the words "here's to new adventures, " but the word at the bottom of the letter is cut off, I think this word is similar to Owl City or like a signature.

At this moment, I assume the numbers look like coordinates.

Well, at this point we still don't know what those random numbers and symbols mean. However, there is a little hidden clue which is the number 7 at the bottom right corner of the letter:

What does the number 7 mean?

Okay, so there are several 7s in the letter, and there is one number 7 which if we hover our mouse cursor, number 7 will be clickable and it will lead to the Guess Area Password link (Part 2 so far).

To get the correct password, then we need to find out the other clues.

In Facebook and Instagram posts, Owl City posted the first clue:

Once forgotten, then obsession. 

Life’s a progression.

Level 3.

Okay, now we need to find out what the words mean. But, I tried so hard and didn't know exactly what that word means 😅

So I will be waiting for the next Owl City clue, and...

Finally, Owl City gave another clue, and it's an important one!

The image came from Owl City's IG story.

There are two images, such as a camera with the Canon brand and the city of Indianapolis in the United States.

Then, what's the connection to the clues?

So, many have deduced that the image is a phrase of Canon in D, classical music composed by composer Johann Pachelbel. Canon comes from the brand/model of the camera and Indy, the nickname of the city of Indianapolis.

And this is related to the caption that Owl City said in a previous FB/IG post, "Once forgotten, then obsession" which means that Canon in D music was almost forgotten the first time it was composed, and eventually became an obsession when the music re-emerged and was used countless of times in popular music until now.

Well, next Owl City says "Life's a progression", which means something related to the chord progression from Canon in D. This argument is also reinforced by the next clue, either from the FB post or from Owl City's IG story:

From the Facebook post, the caption says:

Couldn’t sleep… had this line on repeat.  

Minus equals one. One equals five. Progression keeps going. He is still alive.

Owl City has stressed the word "Progression" several times and if we look at the picture above, there is a picture of the music notation and the Roman Colosseum.

From these two pictures, we can conclude that it refers to the chord progression of Canon in D.

If we look at the Canon in D chord progression in roman letters, it looks like this:

I-V-VI-III-IV-I-IV-V or in decimal format: 1-5-6-3-4-1-4-5

Next, we take a look at the words:

Minus equals one. One equals five. Progression keeps going.

This means there is an equation process, not exactly an equation, it's like a continuous/examination process (I don't know how to say it haha 😂). So there's a formula for that. The formula is from the Canon in D chord progression.

Let's see the random numbers and symbols from the letter "To Adam":







Then, we match from the words "Minus equals one", meaning that minus (-) is equal to 1 because in Chord Canon in D starts from number 1.

So that 1 is minus comes from the random numbers of the letter "To Adam".

We continue from numbers 1 to 5 of the chord.

Keep in mind the formula of Canon in D chord progression (1-5-6-3-4-1-4-5)

Get the result 1 (move 5 steps from minus (-), that's why it is called "progression")...

And also matches according to the previous clues: "One equals five", which means from the Canon in D 5 chord the result becomes 1.

"Progression keeps going" means that we continue to follow the chord until the random numbers and symbols from the letter "To Adam" run out.

If we continue again to the next chord, which is number 6 then we move forward 6 steps and the result is 7.

If you run out of Canon in D chord progression numbers, we start again from the beginning (1-5-6-3-4-1-4-5).

I've made a visualization of this process, here's the photo:

And here we go... We got the results:

-17.6096155, 177.0390823

These numbers are the coordinates that lead to the island of Monuriki, Fiji or known as Cast Away Island Beach which is where the movie Cast Away (2000) was shot.

If we open Google Maps, there is an interesting thing about these coordinates, because there is a review from Adam Young!

From the review, there is a clue that will be the key to Guess Password:

"I am the bee"

I am the best b."

"I am the bee", the meaning is referring to IMDb which means the movie review link from Cast Away (2000) according to the reference of coordinates, Monuriki Fiji or Cast Away Island Beach.

Then "I am the best b", which means referring to the cast on the IMDb website. If we search for "best b" in all the crew and members of this Cast Away movie, it means the best boy. Take a look at the screenshot below:

We see the name of the first crew member is Edward J. Cox who is also part of the team that manages the Camera and Electrical stuff.

Well, we just need to enter edwardj.cox (without spaces and all lowercase letters) into the password input from Guess Password (Part 2).

Or you can also visit the direct link: and enter edwardj.cox as the password.

Link =>

Password => edwardj.cox

If successful, the website page will display a picture of the living room featuring the coffeetable, a large poster of the new Owl City logo attached to the wall, and a TV with the game Wave Race 64, behind the TV there is a poster of Seattle City, etc...

But this is before level 4 is unlocked...

Because after level 4 is opened, the website page changes slightly.

For that, we proceed to level 4 owl city arg and this is the last/final level. Please read the article below:

The Riddle of Owl City Arg Level 4 Explained

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it helps you all, especially the Owl City community/fans.

This article is also available in Bahasa Indonesia:

Penjelasan Teka-Teki Owl City Arg Level 3


- Owl City Arg Discord:

- Canon in D chord progression:

- IMDb Cast Away (2000):

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