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The Riddle of Owl City Arg Level 4 Explained

All right, so in the previous post we have completed level 3 owl city arg, next we continue to level 4.

If you haven't followed this Owl City Arg from the beginning/level 1, I suggest you read the article from level 1. The link is here.

From the picture, if we look around there is an object that is clickable on the TV.

If we move the mouse cursor on the TV and click it, it will lead to a link /noseboop, and the Guess Area Password will pop up (Part 3).

Well, as always we have to find out the correct password to solve this riddle.

There are so many rumors and possibilities to solve this level 4 owl city arg, but only one clue is really valid and that is the final clue.

As Owl City said via email:

The clue has been posted by Owl City on his Facebook and Instagram accounts:

What’s eleven for,

When this strong duo formed,

She’s anon, he’s named,

They unlock the door.

His music led me in,

His first piece joins the two,

This equation for the win,

I’ll be there when you get through.


Now, before you share… Only the first few get the gold.

Our game ends when the timer runs out.

Are you ready? See you on the other side.

Owl City said, for those who first figure it out this level 4 arg, will get a prize/reward. Here's the proof:

I would say that this level 4 arg is the hardest level than before.

The message from Owl City was cryptic and difficult to figure out, even members of Owl City Arg Discord were trying so hard to find the correct password.

Until a week later...

Owl City posted an IG story (Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to screenshot the story) that says the key to finding the password is in front of your eyes.

I was wondering, in front of my eyes, what does that mean??? ️ 🤔

Probably something to do with sunglasses?

Haha, I'm not sure...

Until all of the sudden one of the members on Owl City Arg Discord found the correct password, it's missxmaxpower.

How come?

It turns out that the password was a result of the picture on the TV, that's why he said: "in front of your eyes".

Since the picture of the TV shows the game from Wave Race 64, we assume the clue/message from Owl City is related to the Nintendo Wave Race 64 game.

What's eleven for,

"Eleven for" means the month and date of release of the game Wave Race 64 in NA (North America), according to data from Wikipedia.

1.) Eleven => 11 (in month November)

For => 4 (in date 4)

When this strong duo formed,

She’s anon, he’s named, 

They unlock the door.

It means, that when these two things act, then she (female) is anon (with no name), he's named means he (male) gave a nickname or has to be called.

If we look at anon it refers to the name of the character being played from the game Wave Race 64, "miss" and he (male) named this miss as maxpower.

From these two things, they will unlock the door for another clue.

2.) She's anon => miss

he's named => maxpower

Then we see the next message:

His music led me in,

His first piece joins the two,

This equation for the win,

I'll be there when you get through.

His music led me in, means the composer of this Wave Race 64 music. And the composer of Wave Race 64 is "Kazumi Totaka".

His first piece joins the two, which means the first music project he works on will combine these two characters (missmaxpower). According to Wikipedia, the first music project created by Kazumi Totaka was "X", X is a space combat simulator video game.

"This equation for the win" means two combinations of these characters (missmaxpower) for the password.

We just have to join miss and maxpower with the x separator that we get from Kazumi Totaka's first music project. The key is missxmaxpower.

3.) His music led me in, = Kazumi Totaka

His first piece joins the two, = X

This equation for the win, = missxmaxpower

Key/Password => missxmaxpower

At this moment we have the key for the password, we entered missxmaxpower into the Guess Area password input (Part 3).

If successful, the website page will show a Google Form where we are asked to claim an invitation if we are one of the winners to get a prize/reward from Adam Young/Owl City.

That's all I know about this Owl City Arg Level 4.

With that being said, the adventure of the Owl City Alternate Reality Game ends here.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it helps you all, especially the Owl City community/fans.

This article is also available in Bahasa Indonesia:

Penjelasan Teka-Teki Owl City Arg Level 4


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